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If you are seeking a family doctor in Austin you should see a practitioner who has many years of experience and knows how to provide excellent care when sick or injured. An experienced physician will communicate clearly and take the time to know each patient, which enables them to give the best care.

Austin Family Medicine has a history of confidence in all patients, as our staff works with you and ensures each patient’s health is a priority. We are pleased to offer patient care at our well-appointed medical clinic in West Austin. Our doctors, physicians assistants and staff have years of demonstrated hands-on experience, certifications, and unique histories of medical practice.

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Our Philosophy at Austin Family Medicine Associates

Dr David Sneed DO Austin Family Doctor

Our office attitude is one that is always warm and welcoming, with your health as our number one priority. Our staff guarantees the shortest wait possible and will work with your schedule to make sure your appointment is at a convenient time for you and your busy life.  Your time is valuable, and we do not intend to waste precious minutes.

Our Medical Staff and Clinic Focus

We focus on prevention and strengthening the ability of a patient to self-heal. Yearly physicals create this sustainable foundation for healthcare, in addition to keeping the office open to urgent care patients when needed.

In addition to your routine health maintenance, our healthcare professionals are able to provide a full spectrum of services from head to toe. We aim to reduce referrals to specialists by providing you with knowledgeable healthcare providers that can care for as many conditions as possible.

If we find there is a medical issue outside of our training capabilities, we will work with you to help find a specialist who can meet your specific needs.

David L. Sneed, DO, FAAFP | Heather Scolaro, APRN, FNP-BC | Brielle Kirk, PA-C | Amanda Musin, RDN

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