How to Make the Best of Your Visits With a Family Physician

Austin Family Medicine | Dr. SneedIt isn’t necessary for patients to do anything to gear up for a visit with a family physician other than show up. Not necessary doesn’t mean it’s not preferred! There are some very simple things a patient can do to make the best out of their (hopefully) rare visit with a physician. Following these simple instructions can help your doctor to read more deeply into the state of your current health. When you come prepared with detailed information, you and your physician have more time to discuss solutions to achieving your optimal health.

Keep Track of Life Changes for your Family Physician

Whether you’ve started yoga or you’ve been pushed to an all meat diet by a picky family member, your doctor may want to take note. It’s up to your discretion to tell your doctor what needs to be noted, but some things may surprise you. Major stress can impact health by causing insomnia, weight loss or gain, acne and more. Some of the most frequent causes of stress include a job change, moving, financial problems, or new daily responsibilities. You may not be able to avoid the cause, but if it’s having an impact on your health, you and your doctor should discuss ways to manage that stress. Diet, exercise, and consumption of nicotine and alcohol will likely come up and it is helpful to know exactly how much and how often you practice the above.

Your Family Physician Can Answer Your List of Questions

Just like going to the grocery store without a list can leave you forgetting important household items, going to the doctor and forgetting a few questions can leave you frustrated and possibly sick. Between visits, take note of concerns you may have either in a notebook or in your phone – some place you won’t forget, and be ready to bring them up to ask your doctor when you are together. These may be as simple as a sore ankle after a jog, but they are good to keep track of as a part of your overall health.

Ready For The Physician Forms?

Just about every doctor’s office you step in to will have you fill out a similar form. This is because these general questions actually do provide some major information about your health. Aside from name, address, and insurance information, the questions usually ask for the following:

  • Medical History (including surgeries and chronic problems like high blood pressure and diabetes)
  • Current Medicine with dosage and frequency (including prescription, vitamins, and over the counter medicine)
  • New Health Symptoms (fatigue, headaches, insomnia, etc)
  • Family Medical History
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Download Patient Forms Here

Take A Few New Notes for Dr. Sneed – Your Family Physician

It’s helpful to have a notebook with you to take down any new information your doctor may give you during your time together. A visit with the doctor can be stressful or exciting, and it may not be the best time to retain information. Your doctor shouldn’t have a problem with you writing down a few notes for your benefit. In fact, he or she may even be grateful that you take your health so seriously.

Though almost no doctor will require all of the above, these simple steps will help you to get more out of your visit with your Family Physician.

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