Why is the nutrition program at Austin Family Medicine Associates unique?

At Austin Family Medicine and Associates we offer Holistic Nutrition Consultations to help you address the root causes of symptoms so that you may prevent, delay or reverse chronic diseases. This unique concept is imperative as it shifts healthcare from disease-centered to a more patient-centered wellness approach.   You will receive through consultations that address the whole person, not just the symptoms. This approach allows for a personalized plan based on the needs of each individual.

What is Holistic nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is healing with whole foods and professional grade vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, which may be depleted by dysfunctional digestion, stress, environmental toxins, or improper nutrition.   Whole foods are foods that are complete and perfect in their natural state. They contain balanced ratios of vitamins, mineral, fats, carbohydrates and countless other vital nutrients including anti-oxidants and are not altered, stripped or refined in any way. They are also organic, seasonal and local whenever possible which assures that the foods are free of chemicals, pesticides and additives.

Who provides holistic consultations?

We staff highly trained, experienced Nutritional Practitioners.

Programs and consultations available: 

12-week Therapeutic Lifestyle Program, First Line Therapy

Digestive Restoration Program

HCG Diet Program

Executive Physical Nutrition Consultation

Auto-Immune Nutritional Support

Why you should choose Professional Grade Supplements