Wellness Anti-Aging Medicine for Men and Women

Making sure that you are healthy at any stage of your life is important for both men and women. Additionally, what it takes to stay healthy, not to mention look and feel your best, differs as you age, making it important to both keep up with your health on an annual basis and seek medical care when you are experiencing health problems.

At Austin Family Medicine Associates, our medical professionals understand the differences in treating men and women, young and old. We make sure to tailor our treatments not only to your age, but also your specific gender and medical history, providing you with the best medical care possible. We do this by providing the following Wellness Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine services:

Well Woman Exams and Programs

Men’s Health – Assessment, Regeneration, and Prevention



Nutritional Balance and Counseling for Men and Women

Medically supervised weight loss programs

Yearly executive physicals for maximal health
Department of Transportation physical (DoT physicals)

Treat Yourself Right with Wellness, Regenerative, and Anti-Aging Medicine

Keep yourself healthy and happy by getting the best preventative and wellness care available. Schedule an appointment with our medical team at Austin Family Medicine Associates today by calling 512-443-9355.